Creating human-level connections between coworkers

Grassroots event facilitation

Equip event creators throughout your company with features like RSVP tracking, budget mapping, Slack invites, and automated nudging.

Elevated awareness and participation

White-labeled dashboards provide a centralized location for employees to discover the events, initiatives, and groups that engage them most.

Top-down transparency

Gain a bird’s eye view into experience programs while controlling parameters like budget allocation, goals, user permissions, and approvals.

ROI on employee experience

Robust analytics demonstrate program ROI and tie to core company KPIs like engagement, retention, diversity, and inclusion.

Foster strong coworker bonds

Meaningful shared experiences lead to deeper connections between coworkers, boosting engagement and retention. Grove improves the effectiveness and adoption of these experiences by making them more visible, accessible, and tailored to employee feedback.

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Employee-driven culture, streamlined

Grove’s standardized environment saves your organization time and energy while empowering employees to help drive authentic, grassroots initiatives. Approval workflows and user hierarchies ensure programs align with company values and goals.

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Unlock actionable insights

Understand how the physical networks within your organization drive engagement, broken down by attributes like tenure, department, age, and gender. By analyzing participation, feedback, and more, Grove detects areas of improvement and equips you with the tools to take action.

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Grove integrates with your favorite tools.

Grove weaves seamlessly into existing workflows for instant employee adoption. Integrations with your HRIS, Slack, calendar, expense tools, and more mean a frictionless experience for everyone.

Grove enables leaders, teams, and organizations to grasp and measure what has previously been elusive and disparate – belonging. By inviting grassroots organization of events and experiences, the platform empowers all people, not just HR, to build communities of belonging within their workplaces.

Merritt Quisumbing Anderson

Fmr. VP, Employee Experience & Engagement | Employment Counsel at GitHub

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