Take action on culture.

Implement strategic cultural initiatives with agility and precision.

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Automate. Integrate. Optimize.

Culture operations depend on tools, contributors, and processes that aren't always in sync. Grove brings everything together and automates tasks so your team can focus on what matters most.

Elevate visibility and awareness.

Keep employees informed, wherever they are. Grove serves as the central hub for cultural activity and provides a holistic view of the programs shaping your company's culture.

Measure and improve.

Scale and invest in the right programs. Grove's robust analytics drive insights into initiative engagement and build a deep well of historical data that makes it easier to learn and improve.


Streamline culture operations

Equip culture influencers at all levels of your organization with tools purpose-built for efficiency and effectiveness. Grove simplifies complex cultural initiatives in an intuitive and accessible way.

Tools for large-scale culture collaboration

Event management, automated communications, community building, surveys, pages and more – all integrated with your existing tools.

Combine tools into powerful initiatives

Grove's initiative builder enables culture strategies to be broken down into a sequence of actions, making them easier to implement and measure.


Keep coworkers connected, remote or at the office

Optimize for alignment with intentional, customizable, and context-specific communications. Grove improves the adoption of strategic initiatives by making them more visible, accessible, and focused on the needs of the organization.

Two-way calendar sync

Automated nudging

Interactive dashboards

White label ready


Continuous improvement through rich insights

By synthesizing engagement, participation, and feedback data, Grove surfaces emergent insights that enable iterative action on culture. Integrate your people management system to extend the depth and dimension of Grove's analytics engine.


Seamless integrations. Smooth operations.

Grove weaves into existing workflows for instant employee adoption and organizational value. Integrations with your HRIS, Slack, calendar, and more mean a frictionless experience for everyone.

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