Inspire a happier work life.

Every company is unique. Grove's platform helps you build and manage a better culture, tailored to your company's goals and values.


White-labeled dashboards provide a centralized location for employees to access and interact with the events and programs available to them.

Event management

Everything your team needs to set up events in or outside the office, including RSVP tracking, document collection, vendor management, and more.


Grove takes the guesswork out of developing employee experience programs by measuring key metrics like participation, engagement, and feedback.


Full control and visibility over parameters like budget allocation, user permissions, nudging workflows, internal brand adherence, and content sharing.

Everything in one place

Employee experience management doesn’t have to be a time sink. Grove’s centralized platform provides standardization, automation, and transparency that will save your organization time and energy.

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Foster strong coworker bonds

Meaningful shared experiences lead to deeper connections between coworkers. Grove improves the effectiveness and adoption of these experiences by making them more accessible, visible, and tailored to employee feedback.

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Unlock valuable insights

Robust analytics demonstrate program ROI and tie to core company KPIs like engagement, productivity, and retention. Grove’s in-depth reporting tools help measure the impact of culture initiatives and identify where they can be optimized.

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